Care Management

LIFE's Care Management services help at-risk seniors and adults with disabilities by assessing needs and threats to their independence and coordinating community supports to help them remain safe and surrounded by the comforts of home. Besides addressing healthcare needs, LIFE case managers also develop a personalized plan that considers their social, economic and environmental needs.

LIFE Senior Services provides two types of case management options: ADvantage Case Management and LIFE's Independent Care Management.

ADvantage Case Management

In Oklahoma, individuals who meet the income and resource guidelines for Medicaid, and who medically qualify for nursing home care, are entitled to State assistance in paying for nursing home care. But, for many individuals who would prefer to continue living at home, another option is the ADvantage Program, a Medicaid Waiver Program that will pay for day, home and community-based services to help the individual in their home instead.

An ADvantage case manager works closely with each individual to determine needs and to create a care plan that may include services, such as in-home skilled nursing services, homemaker/chore services, personal care, adult day health services, respite care, durable medical equipment and nutritional supplements, as well as incontinence, ostomy and diabetic supplies. The ADvantage case manager then stays in regular contact with the individual to monitor services and ensure that on-going needs are met.

LIFE Senior Services is an ADvantage case management provider in the following Oklahoma counties: Tulsa, Creek, Osage, Wagoner, Rogers, Okmulgee and Pawnee.

LIFE's Independent Care Management

For seniors who would benefit from day, home and community-based services to help them stay in their homes, but who are either in the ADvantage application process or do not qualify for the ADvantage program, LIFE's Independent Case Managers are here to help. Independent Case Managers assess individual needs, create care plans and arrange for day, home and community-based services. Once services are in place and situations are stabilized, the Independent Case Manager steps out of the picture until needed again.

There is no fee for the case managers, however, the individual is responsible for any co-pays or charges for services. LIFE's Independent Case Managers serve primarily Tulsa County.

More Information

For more information about LIFE's Care Management services, call LIFE's SeniorLine at (918) 664-9000 or email