Advocacy and Awareness


Here is a list of bills of interest in 2019. Go here to review the language of a bill. Check the versions tab along with the Amendments tab to ensure that you are accessing the most recent language for the bill. Be reminded that legislation is continually being revised so what might be a good bill one day might change to a bill that would have to be opposed.

HB 1098 Prohibits employment discrimination against any person on the basis they have not or will not be vaccinated, except influenza. Dormant

HB 1205 Creates the OK Home and Community Based Services Ombudsman Program Task Force to study the creation of an ombudsman program for HCBS. Set for the House Floor

HB 1206 Requires an assisted living center to post information each year regarding the flu and immunization. It does not require the center to provide or pay for immunization. Set for House Floor Companion bill SB 924

HB 1264 Deletes the requirement that a qualified low income tax credit project be in a county with a population less than 150,000.

HB 1365 This bill would transfer the Federal 5310 transportation program to the OK Department of Transportation, from DHS. There was concern that this would change the benefits for current vehicles of aging services providers. The bill is being reviewed to ensure that all grant recipients will still have the same benefit from the vehicles they have received to date and moving forward.

HB 1902 is the Nursing Home Quality Assurance Initiative bill. The companion bill is SB 280. This will change the way the upper payment limit is calculated for nursing facilities and ICF-IID facilities which will benefit providers as this will raise the upper payment limit for Medicaid payments allowing for rate increases. The bill will also provide a $23 ppd rate increase, increase staffing ratios from 2.41 to 2.86 direct care hours ppd, and 2.90 for 24 hr. staffing, increase the personal needs allowance from $50 to $75 per day, add five additional Ombudsmen, and require 4 hours of dementia education for all clinical staff each year. The OK Health Care Authority is working on the fiscal impact. HB 1902 has passed the Appropriations and Budget Committee. SB 280 has passed the Heath and Human Services Committee and the Appropriations committee. Both bills have the title stricken, awaiting the fiscal impact.

HB 1911 In order to serve on the OK State Board of Examiners for LTC Administrators, this will would change the requirement from 5 years experience to 3 years experience in the facility type they represent. Passed the House SB 1034 also addresses the years of experience change from 5 to 3 years.

HB 2514 Formerly a shell bill, this bill will authorize an individual to designate up to three caregivers to assist the individual with medication needs. This does not include an assisted living or nursing home setting. This bill being reviewed to determine the impact of this language.

SB 142 This bill would require specific conditions be met before the administration of an antipsychotic drug, except in the case of an emergency, to include unsuccessful nonpharmacological care options and written affirmation from the resident or their legal representative of the administration of an antipsychotic drug. This bill is being reviewed to ensure that it will not compromise the process for those who need these medications. Passed the House

SB 201 Adds personal degradation to the definition of abuse to the Protective Services for Vulnerable Adults Act. This is to address any act or statement that would cause shame, degradation, humiliation or harm to the dignity of a person. It addresses taking, transmission, or display of an electronic image of a vulnerable adult. Title stricken as work on the bill continues.

SB 383 This bill would require a national background check prior to being licensed as an administrator, recognize in statue the Health Services Executive qualification from NAB as a standard of eligibility for licensure, and license renewal every two years.

SB 388 This bill address self-administration of medications and outlines the practices that would be allowed to be performed by a certified nursing assistant. This bill is under review.

SB 829 and SB 888 These bills are similar in that they would require individuals living in PACE service areas to be referred to PACE for a level of care determination. Both bills are being reviewed.