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SB 888 - LONG-TERM CARE OPTIONS COUNSELING Sen. Kim David and Rep. Carol Bush
Options Counseling is simply providing information to people needing Long-Term Care services and supports, so that CONSUMERS can choose what works best for them. Consumers need and want unbiased information from trained individuals. 

Options would include PACE, Adult Day, Assisted Living, ADvantage waiver, and any other services that would address the needs of the individual. 

Made easily available to all older Oklahomans and their caregivers, Options Counseling can help Oklahomans save many thousands of dollars each month and help the State of Oklahoma and the Federal government save millions of dollars every year in unnecessary Nursing Home placements.

• More Oklahomans are age 65 and above than are age 18 and younger.
• 100 people per day turn 60 in Oklahoma. Between 2015 and 2020, Oklahoma’s Senior population is projected to increase by 177,000.
• In SFY 2018, 8,784 Oklahomans applied for Long-Term Care Medicaid Assistance.
• 6,377 thousand people were found eligible.
• If only 1% of these Oklahomans chose to remain in their own homes / receive services in the community through the ADvantage Waiver program, the State would save an estimated $ 2.2 Million State dollars each year that Nursing home placement was delayed.
• This savings would more than balance the $450,000 earmarked funding needed to expand Options Counseling services.

Options Counseling is available to a limited degree at present, through the LTC Ombudsman Program staff housed throughout the State in the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs), as well as through the Information and Assistance staff at the AAAs.

SB 888 would expand access to Options Counseling for Older Oklahomans by providing it routinely in advance of Nursing Home admissions, except when emergency placement is required.

SB 888 details (note: the task force language will be eliminated from the bill)