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House Falls Short in Vote for Oklahoma Budget Fix

A plan to plug a hole in Oklahoma's budget and to stabilize state spending has fallen five votes short in the House amid bipartisan opposition. The full House voted 71-27 on Wednesday for the bill. A total of 76 votes were needed to pass a revenue-raising measure out of the House.

Passage of HB1054 would unlock an overall deal that would avert devastating budget cuts for our state's most vulnerable citizens - with the greatest harm to children, seniors, and people with severe disabilities and mental illness. HB1054 was held on a motion to reconsider, which means it can be brought up for another vote within 72 hours.

Find out how your legislator voted on HB1054 and contact them to say 'thank you' or express why you are disappointed with their vote.

Ask the ones that voted NO to “work together” to reach an agreement to fund these critical services.  You can reach your Representative by calling 405-521-2711 and your Senator by calling 405-524-0126.   Find a list of House members here:

Or call the main House number at (405) 521-2711 and request to be connected to the Legislators offices.

Find a list of Senate members here:

Or call the main Senate number at (405) 524-0126.

Thank you! You will make a difference in the lives of thousands of families who rely on these critical services.

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